Sea Glass Jewelry ~ How to Wire Wrap a Cabachon Video

Sea glass jewelry is fun to wire wrap and when I first started making sea glass jewelry that’s about all I did. I have a few pieces of drilled sea glass but I burnt the motor on my dremel so thank goodness I know how to wire wrap. The thing I like about drilling holes in sea glass is it saves on wire and with the cost of everything going up it can get a bit costly. There are so many ways to wire wrap sea glass. I’ve developed my own Signature Style of wrapping which my children have lovingly dubbed “Mommy’s Slipper Wrap Style” which I know I keep posting this but I do want the public to know that it is my technique *;-D It’s not the best technique but it is mine and I like it, it works, it keeps the sea glass from popping out, a thing I dread.

But, that doesn’t mean I don’t like other techniques as well and this technique which this video tutorial shows is just beautiful and I Love it! I’ve made a couple myself following instructions from a book I ordered from Amazon which you can order to. It’s called “Wire Wrapping The Basics” and was recommended by several long time sea glass jewel artists. As for finding a video tutorial, when I was learning about 2 yrs. ago there weren’t very many but I do remember the ones I saw and I hope to find them, I already posted one up.

Here’s the video tutorial on a cabachon but the technique can also be applied to sea glass jewelry as well.

Sea Glass Jewelry ~ How To Wire Wrap by Nightingayle on YouTube

When I was learning to wire wrap about a year and a half ago I was scouring everywhere I could for information on how to and one of the videos I found was this on YouTube which really helped me to understand how to wire wrap my sea glass. I was mainly looking for how to finish the back because the first few pieces of sea glass jewelry I wire wrapped, the backs looked awful so if the pendant or earring back showed it didn’t look very nice. I eventually learned and even developed my own signature wrap which my children lovingly call “Mommy’s Slipper Wrap Style.”


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